Keys in door

Home security best practices

Even in the safest, most peaceful residential areas, break-ins can be a problem. As well as investing in a comprehensive, integrated security system, homeowners should always follow best practices when it comes to securing their properties. In this post, we take a look at the small changes you can make to better prevent break-ins. Don’t […]

Fire alarm

Why you should upgrade your fire alarm

Fires are a persistent danger. Every year, they claim valuables, property and even lives. One of the reasons for the extensive damage is that fires start small, but can quickly get out of hand. Even fires that are put out promptly can cause smoke damage, often rendering a property uninhabitable—sometimes indefinitely. That’s why it’s so […]

CCTV system

How to use CCTV effectively

The installation of CCTV cameras can offer numerous benefits for both businesses and homes. By recording your surroundings, you’ll be able to further protect your property from vandalism, break-ins and thieves. In part, because any criminal can be identified using your high-quality system, and shared with any police investigation. This will usually means quicker restitution […]

Integrated security systems

What is integrated security?

Modern businesses generally employ several security and safety systems. These might include an intruder alarm, smoke detectors, video surveillance and even a security guard. It is useful, and occasionally necessary that businesses be able to secure their premises and protect against accidents. However, the complexity and number of systems can be a drain on resources […]

Digitial security protection

Digital protection options

Our security systems are second to none, providing the safety and protection your family or business needs. We offer a variety of intruder monitoring equipment, security gates and perimeter protection installations at reasonable prices. However, your security system wouldn’t be complete without one of our digital protection options. This is a service that connects your […]