Pet security tips

Your pets and security

For many people, their pets are a part of the family. Keeping pets safe and secure is very important to owners. However, they can occasionally make proper security difficult. Cats often prefer cat-flaps, allowing them to come and go as they please, for instance. A pet outdoors can also have the unwanted effect of setting […]

Street in winter

Winter security tips

We’ve made regular mention on this blog about the security challenges of summery weather. People are prone to leaving windows open overnight, failing to lock their doors and not tidying their tools away after garden work. Our behaviour changes with the season. Temperatures are dropping and winter is on its way, meaning you’re probably unlikely […]

Isolated house

Protecting an isolated property

Whether it’s a business or a home, people who own property in urban areas are often more concerned about security than those in rural areas. It makes sense, living in a city or larger town means an increased crime rate – the result of higher population densities and areas of poverty. However, the reverse is […]


Halloween and your business

It’s almost the time of year when carved pumpkins appear on every doorstep. More children every year are dressing up and copying their American cousins, heading out onto the streets in search of sweets. Writing for the Telegraph, Michael Hogan highlights this event’s surging popularity: “In terms of UK consumer spending, Halloween has now eclipsed Valentine’s […]

Chainlink fence

Protecting your business from burglary

Burglars are a depressingly familiar problem for businesses, particularly enterprises selling high-value products. It’s a difficult problem to manage, since the higher the value, the more persistent thieves are likely to be. Whether it’s quality building materials or expensive electronics, it’s imperative to present your premises as being secure. Burglars aren’t looking for a challenge—they […]