Business visitors

Business visitors and security best practices

Welcoming visitors to your company’s premises is a key part of doing business. A well-delivered presentation combined with a thoughtful tour can do wonders for a mutually beneficial relationship. However, having people on-site who are not employees raises some interesting questions on security.

Do you have any privileged information on-site? Do you have a manufacturing edge that you’d rather a competitor doesn’t know about? It’s often preferable for visits to be conducted in a way that feels friendly, but that maintains the security of your site. In this post, we take a look at some best practices for dealing with visits to your business.


The first thing to decide when inviting visitors to your premises is what they will be allowed to see. It’s important to show them something worthwhile. However, visitors shouldn’t see anything sensitive. This includes privileged information, private projects in development or manufacturing secrets. Obviously this isn’t a blanket ban, it might be that you’re trying to drum up investment for a project, and showing a visitor something special might be just what you need. The key is to use your common sense, and prepare your premises for the visit. If you have a lobby or reception, this can be the perfect place to welcome and direct visitors.

Similarly, your visitors shouldn’t be left alone when on the premises. There should be someone supervising them throughout the visit. Remember too that your visitors don’t want to be left to wander the place by themselves, they want to be shown around.

Directing traffic

A visit should be a coordinated event that you control from start to finish. One of the best ways to achieve this is to install a security gate, with access that either you or your security team can control from a central location. You’ll know exactly when your visitor arrives on the site and when they leave. This is useful for a number of reasons. For one thing, you’ll have notice of their arrival and will be able to greet them at the door in person – and a personal touch is always appreciated, as well as preparedness.

When a person enters through the security gate, their entry time will be logged. Security will know they are on site and can even have a member of staff begin accompanying the visitor from that moment onwards.


Your visitors should be clearly identifiable when they’re on the premises. Whether it’s with a colour-changing badge, a pin or even just a sticker with their name and company affiliation on it, your employees should be able to tell a visitor from a coworker. A person with a name badge who’s looking a little lost is an invitation to your employees to help out. It’s also a way of preventing a visitor from seeing a part of your business you would prefer be kept private, since employees can quickly remove them to a different location.

If you’re worrying about having visitors on-site, get in touch with us today for a convenient solution to your security needs.