Do I need CCTV at home

The costs of personal security are now low enough for most families to be able to afford some form of extra protection. As a result, people are starting to question whether or not they should be installing domestic CCTV cameras to deter criminals and maintain a record of the activities taking place around their home. […]


Security vs. Privacy

One of the reasons people become homeowners is for the privacy that comes with it. Renters have to put up with their landlords occasionally making visits, a reminder that their space doesn’t belong to them. Arguably, this is linked to homeowners being concerned about security. It’s a question of making their personal haven a place […]

CCTV system

How to use CCTV effectively

The installation of CCTV cameras can offer numerous benefits for both businesses and homes. By recording your surroundings, you’ll be able to further protect your property from vandalism, break-ins and thieves. In part, because any criminal can be identified using your high-quality system, and shared with any police investigation. This will usually means quicker restitution […]