Do fake security signs alone really deter burglars?

There is a commonly held belief amongst many homeowners that when it comes to their home’s security concerns, they can always get away with spending less and getting the same results. However, that is not how the world works.

This phenomenon can be best reflected by the thousands of homeowners nationwide who choose to display ‘fake’ security systems to dissuade potential thieves from breaking into their homes.

A step above leaving the light on when you’re not home, but a significant step below actually installing a security system, it’s a route that many homeowners who would rather not go through the hassle and expense of setting up a real system choose to take.

But is there a real benefit to ‘faking it’ with your security system? Or could you be doing more harm than good?

The good stuff

There are certainly a few notable benefits to attempting to trick burglars into thinking your home is armed to the teeth when it is wide open for the taking.

The savings – It’s undoubtedly cheaper to fork out for a few window stickers and front garden signs than it is to purchase a full-blown home security system. You could even go a step further and mount a CCTV camera outside your front door and it doesn’t even need to work or be connected.

The time – Whilst it takes hours to install a security system, it takes mere minutes to slap a few stickers on your windows and doors.

The results – If the potential thief is not a professional and is just a rogue criminal who decides to get into the world of burglary on a whim then those stickers and that fake camera might be enough to make them think otherwise before trying it on with your home.

The bad stuff

The adage that you “get what you pay for” has never been apter and if you choose a fake home security system then you could end up finding yourself wishing you’d either never tried in the first place, or had simply chosen to go the ‘official’ route from the offset.

Unconvincing – Unless you have paid attention to detail then the vast majority of professional thieves will be able to see right through your plain, unbranded ruse and might even be able to spot the fake if you’ve used a branded sign.

Indeed, they might even be spurred on by it as they might put together the fact that because you ‘think’ they will automatically avoid your house, other areas of your home security will be lacking.

Legal issues – If you decide to use a branded sign when you have not been permitted to use it then you could be opening yourself up to all kinds of unwanted legal troubles.

No cover – One of the best reasons to install a home security system is that you are not only supplied with a system that will alert you and the authorities if your property is broken into but will also cut down on your insurance premiums.

Just because you have a sign stuck to the window, that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy the same insurance benefits that you’ll receive with a real system backing you up.

The alternatives

Of course, the most obvious alternative is to invest in an actual security system. How much you choose to invest will depend on your budget and where you live, but even a relatively bare-bones security solution could offer you peace of mind and a guarantee to cover your home in case of an emergency. Luckily, there are more affordable options to consider if you’re not ready to go all-out.

Pets – Speaking of signs that deter burglars, there are few as effective as the ‘beware of dog’ sign. Those signs are even more effective if they can be backed up by a living, breathing, barking beast.

Landscaping – Try to steer clear of erecting elaborate topiary just beneath your windows and around your doors as this will give thieves ample space to hide in.

Lighting – Motion detecting lights are a perfect complementary piece to a security system, but they also work as a deterrent on their lonesome too.

Get smart – Smart locks that can be operated via your smart device and lights that can be remotely triggered to make it look like you are home are just a few of the modern affordable inventions that have been brought to the home security table in recent years.

Alarms – Finally, you can purchase intruder alarms that detect when someone is attempting to pry open a window or a door for a minimal outlay.