Fences, perimeter sensors and your business

Businesses are always a target for thieves of all stripes. Whether it’s an office setup or a warehouse and manufacturing facility, burglars can feel confident about finding something valuable inside. This is not always the case in an opportunistic house break-in. As a result, securing your business is a much larger challenge. Yet, there are some things you can do, including installing security gates and using remote monitoring solutions.

Additionally, the installation of strong fences and perimeter sensors may make all the difference.

High-grade fencing

There is no question that installing a sound fence around the perimeter of your business will make a huge difference in deterring would-be thieves. In part that’s because it forces a burglar to try and scale it or cut through it. Both actions have the potential to alert security, police or even just passers-by. When combined with other elements like CCTV, it means you get a very clear visual of a thief, and this is often enough to put some off as well.

Under some circumstances, you might consider adding anti-climb paint to your fencing, as described by @prevent_crime:

“Anti-climb paint can be purchased from some DIY centres and locksmiths.  It’s usually supplied in 1 and 5 litre tins and is available in a few standard colours.  It’s used to deter climbing up rainwater pipes and other building features and over walls and roofs.  It shouldn’t be used on walls or fences or anything that is less than 2.4m in height as otherwise someone quite innocent could get covered in this dreadful stuff.  You must also use it in conjunction with signs that warn of the danger of climbing, which is especially the case where it has been used on a vertical surface that could be used for climbing.”

Perimeter sensors

If you find that thieves are able to get inside your fences, it’s imperative that you know when they have. Your security team should be able to react immediately, and in the dark it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly where to look. Modern perimeter sensors are an incredibly effective addition to your security system. They are extremely sensitive, measuring pressure using subterranean tubing – yet won’t be set off by events like passing trains or traffic. Your team will be alerted the moment an intruder sets foot on your property, allowing them to react swiftly to prevent any thefts. Perimeter sensors can be carefully calibrated to your needs.

In Combination

As with all parts of business security, it’s best to use perimeter sensors and fencing in combination with each for the best result. However, it’s also clear that they are even more useful when added to an already existing security infrastructure that features CCTV, a high-quality alarm and remote-monitoring. Elements like CCTV actually require business owners to put up warning signs to alert members of the public that their likenesses are being captured on camera – and these signs make a wonderful deterrent all by themselves. If you’re interested in finding out more about perimeter sensors and how they can protect your business premises, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.