Catch burglars

How cuts have hurt the police

The policies of austerity have seen cuts made to all manner of public institutions in the UK. Although budget cuts to the NHS have featured most prominently in the news, cuts to police budgets have had an impact all over the country. But how exactly are those cuts felt by the public? Writing for the Financial Times, @RKWinvisibleman explains the situation:

“London’s Metropolitan Police may have to scale back its crime prevention work and send fewer officers to calls from the public, as sharp cuts to its budget dent its ability to combat crime, two of its most senior officers have warned…[some] have blamed funding cuts for increases in violent crime in the capital. Even excluding last year’s terror attacks at Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and Finsbury Park, homicides in the capital in the year to March were up 44 per cent compared with the same period a year before.

Fewer police on the streets

There’s little doubt that crime is rising, and it’s happening all over the UK. According to figures printed in the Independent, violent crime offences have nearly doubled in three years. This is at a time when police numbers have been cut by 20,000 over the last eight years. The causality is clear.

With fewer police on the streets, your home and business are less safe than they were even just a decade ago. Burglaries are often crimes of opportunity, and thieves are always on the lookout for vulnerable properties – those with poor exterior maintenance or with hidden points of entry are targeted in particular. Burglars are aware there are less police on the streets and are emboldened by that lack of presence.

Less resources

As a result of fewer police, burglaries are harder to solve. Less manpower and resources makes the challenge of tracking down faceless thieves even more difficult. It is often the case that if a burglar gets away from the scene of the crime, they’ve gotten away with the crime. Unless there is some evidence linking a criminal to the burglary, it’s difficult to bring an investigation to a satisfying conclusion.

Protecting your home and business

In light of fewer police resources, it is well worth investing in security of your own to protect what’s yours. For instance, using CCTV as part of an integrated security system will produce much-needed evidence for police to track down criminals. This also has the added bonus of acting as a deterrent, since burglars will know they risk having their likenesses recorded on tape.

Alongside a high-quality alarm, a security system can also be equipped with elements like security gates and motion-activated lights, both of which will put off thieves. A visible approach to proper security will make your home or business look more formidable and less worth trying to burgle.

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