How a business recovers from burglary

Many people find it takes a long time to recover after being burgled. Even if little was taken, coming home to discover a break in can be a deeply traumatic experience. However, it’s doubly challenging when your business – your livelihood and the source of your income – is burgled.

A bad break-in might lead to business disruption, compounding the incident and leading to far more stress than a home burglary might cause. In this post, we take a look how a business recovers from a burglary, and the steps you can take in the future to prevent it ever happening again.

The first steps

Before doing anything else, if you discover your business has been burgled, you should call the police. The sooner they’ve been and opened an investigation – taken pictures, and so forth – the sooner you can start getting your business operational again. You’ll need the police on record so you can start the ball rolling with your insurance company and begin replacing the stolen stock and repairing any damage. The faster you can get your business back to normal, the less money you’ll lose in the meantime.

Set about securing your premises as best you can. For the time being, that might mean getting new locks or boarding up broken doorways. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the thieves have taken anything of value. Your premises is still yours, and needs protecting now more than ever.

Risk assessment

With the painful business of cleaning up out of the way, you need to figure out how and why this happened, so you can stop it from happening again. A risk assessment is a good place to start. This is a study of your business to identify any vulnerabilities, this may include weak spots in your fencing, an unseen hole in your security, or other potential security risks.

A finished risk assessment in hand, you’ll know where best to invest in more security. Be prepared for potentially unpleasant news, a risk assessment may uncover a problem with your practices, your company location or even your personnel, depending on the size of your company.

Security investment

Writing for Business Advice, Rebecca Smith lays out the scale of the issue:

“The research indicated that the lasting impact of crime on both trade and staff morale was significant – 69 per cent of owners suffered emotional distress, an added unnecessary worry outside of the stressfulness of running a business. Financially, 42 per cent experienced lost income and 33 per cent became worried they would be targeted again as a result.”

These are numbers that should bother any business owner. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to invest in a new, integrated security system. You can also opt for extras like CCTV, which has been proven to act as a strong deterrent. Burglars are obviously highly reluctant to have their likenesses caught on camera, since the police are able to track them down much more easily, and the pictures can be used as evidence in court.

With the right security investment, you can protect your business and preserve the wellbeing of your staff.