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Maintenance and the message it sends

Burglars are always on the lookout for a possible opportunity. They’re looking for vulnerable properties: businesses with poor security protocols and out-of-date equipment, homes with dirty, disused alarm boxes and hidden points of entry.

However, they also keep an eye on the maintenance of a property. It is a telltale sign of whether an owner takes their home’s security seriously, if they can’t be bothered to replace a rotting fence, it might be that they’ve failed to replace a weak door or a broken window. In this post, we take a look at how maintenance can be a deterrent, or an attraction.

Maintaining occupation

Burglars often choose homes they think are empty. It’s not just about watching you leave for work or on a night out, either. Burglars will look at things like the state of your front garden, too. If it’s overlong, it might be that you’re away on holiday, making your home an excellent target for a thief. The Head of Churchill Home Insurance, Martin Scott, explains that the key is to make burglars think someone is home at all times:

“Burglary is one of the most prevalent and invasive crimes householders face. While burglars often choose properties at random, there are inexpensive practical steps we can all take to make our homes less of a target. One of the most common things people forget is to make their home look occupied while they are away. This may be by asking people to house sit or by setting up timers for lights and sounds to fake occupancy. Another thing to reduce your risk is to appraise your home as if through the eyes of a burglar.”

If you have good relations with your neighbours, ask them to monitor your house and perform chores that you might ordinarily do yourself. This might include putting your bins out, or parking their cars in your driveway to make it seem like you’re home.

Keep your security system in good nick

An integrated security system, featuring a high-quality alarm and CCTV, is one of the best deterrents money can buy. However, if you don’t look after it a burglar may assume your system is old or deactivated. A dirty alarm box, for instance, is a sign that your alarm no longer works. This is because an annual servicing will include cleaning the box.

Likewise, if your CCTV cameras are old, rusted or broken, a burglar will know that your system is no threat. In some respects, this is actually worse than having no system in place at all.


Your home doesn’t have to look like a fortress to deter a burglar. It simply needs to look like you’re home, or that you might be home, and that you take security seriously. Don’t leave windows open, especially at night. If your fencing is damaged, repair it.

If your shed (where you keep tools and other implements useful to a burglar) is run down, consider replacing it. You’re not trying to convince a burglar that your home is impregnable, just that it’s not worth the effort it would take to try and break in.

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