Catch burglars

Making Sure Burglars Get Caught

Suffering a break-in can be a deeply traumatic event, even if you weren’t there at the time. Although there are obvious concerns like the loss of personal items, damage done to your property, and a horrid mess to clean up, a burglary carries a psychological impact that can linger for months. Your home, your safe corner of the world, no longer feels secure. However, it is also hugely frustrating for many victims to learn that thieves rarely face the justice they deserve. In this post, we take a look at the ways you can make sure a burglar gets caught.

Work together

It’s been proven that schemes like Neighbourhood Watch, where people look out for their area and their community, help to deter burglars. Thieves are on the lookout for easy targets; many burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Get to know your neighbours and offer to keep an eye on their property when they’re away – they’re likely to reciprocate. Simply keeping a front lawn trimmed or the post from piling up will make a home appear occupied, and might be enough to keep thieves from trying their luck.


If a burglar gets caught, it’s often as they flee the scene. Writing for @guardian, ex-police officer Peter Bleksley recounts his arrests:

‘I caught a few burglars in my time as a cop. Very few arrests were more satisfying for a uniformed officer than that rare capture of a burglar in the act. Most of the ones I caught had fled from the scene and were found hiding under cars, in gardens, and on one unforgettable occasion we nicked a man who became known as “the man from Atlantis”, because he hid from us for over an hour in a fishpond.’

Unfortunately, if a burglar manages to get away, it’s unlikely that they’ll subsequently be caught. The best way to both deter burglars and identify any thieves is to install a CCTV camera as part of your security system. They will capture a thief’s likeness, images that can be handed over to police as part of their investigations, making it much more straightforward to bring the criminal to justice. Burglars are well aware of this, and will probably choose to avoid your home if they see it’s equipped with CCTV.

If you do choose to install CCTV, you might consider coupling it with some well-placed security lighting. This way, a burglar’s face will be nicely lit up when it comes to police inspecting the tape.

Mark your things

In the case of electronics and other valuables, it may be worth marking them with a UV pen. It won’t leave any trace in the daylight, but will help identify an item as stolen. Should a burglar attempt to sell the item, it may be enough for the police to then track them down.

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