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The difference between monitored and unmonitored security systems

For businesses and homeowners alike there are many more options available now when it comes to security. From intensive smart solutions hooked up to a secure cloud, to more subtle camera and control panel combinations, the options are varied enough that there should be a solution for most situations. However, the primary distinction to make before investing is whether you need a monitored or unmonitored security system.

Monitored or Unmonitored?

As the name suggests, the key difference between monitored and unmonitored systems is that the former are remotely monitored by a professional service (often on a subscription basis), whereas the latter is internal in nature. Unmonitored systems are more effective as a preventative measure, since they create another hurdle for an intruder to overcome.

A high-quality monitored system will be able to notify the remote services whenever an alarm is triggered. You will then be contacted to check whether or not it’s a false alarm. If the service gets no response or you respond affirmatively, they will dispatch a team or contact the requisite authorities.

An unmonitored system, meanwhile, is often made up of CCTV cameras, a security control panel and motion sensors.

Unmonitored Security System Benefits

Cost – Unmonitored security systems are generally more affordable than their monitored counterparts. With a monitored system, you’re not only paying for the cost of the surveillance equipment and its installation but the monitoring service too.

A monitored system means paying extra for the convenience of having someone else keep an eye on your home and this often means paying monthly fees on top of the initial installation cost.

Ease – These systems are typically much easier to operate and can often be done so through the owner’s smartphone. Most systems today are also wireless, which means they are as easy to install as they are to use.

Responsibility – Ultimately, with a monitored security system, you’re putting the security of your home or your business in the hands of someone else. For many, this can prove something of a relief, but for others, the idea of casting off responsibility to a third party simply won’t sit right.

Monitored Security System Benefits

Security – If a system is actively being monitored by a professional team or an automated system, it will be able to notify the authorities or a specialist security team if it detects a break-in. You could link an unmonitored system to your smartphone, but you’d still need to be watching it manually in order to detect a problem.

Comprehensive Surveillance – As you’re often installing your monitored security system in tandem with an experienced third party security team, the system is generally that much more secure and comprehensive than a system you’d install yourself.

Insurance – Insurance companies will often provide significant discounts if they are aware that your home or business is protected by a monitored security system. There is also a significantly reduced risk of false alarms.

Which security system will be best for you depends on a number of factors. Your Budget and the size of your property are the key ones to consider, as well as the average amount of criminal activity in your area and the value of the property and its contents. A combination of unmonitored and monitored security systems might be the best compromise to make.

Or consult an expert to survey your property and offer their advice. Whatever you decide, investing in your security is something that will always give you peace of mind.