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Siren only systems are intruder alarms which trigger a siren alarm, set to ring for a set period of time, and which can be ignored if you choose. We can intall and maintain a range of Siren Only systems, from a number of manufacturers. Please contact us for full details of the siren only systems we can provide.


Our speech dialler systems enable information from an alarm to be communicated to either a landline or mobile telephone, making sure that you are informed if an alarm is triggered. Our diallers are compatible with a wide range of control panels, and can feature a number of powerful abilities to keep your alarm system effective and up to date.


With digital communicator installations your alarm system is connected to an alarm receiving centre via a dedicated phone line. When an alarm is triggered, the alarm receiving centre receives notification and calls the relevant emergency service. For full details of the digital communicator and monitoring systems we can install and maintain, please contact us.


Manufactured in the UK, CLS Dualcom systems use dual signalling for the basis of their intruder alarm signals. The alarm system communicates with a monitoring station using both wired (telephone or internet) and wireless (GPRS/GSM) communications, to provide high reliability and dependability.

CSL is among Britain's largest burglar alarm companies, managing the signalling of hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial installations. Lee Security have installed and maintained a vast number and variety of Dualcom systems, and we can advise you on selecting the right Dualcom alarm solution for you.



BT Redcare Classic monitors property and premises every second of the day by actively checking that your phone line is working. If there are any interruptions a warning signal will be delivered to the alarm receiving centre. This means that your alarm signalling can never be compromised without the knowledge of the alarm receiving centre.

This package doesn’t require a dedicated phone line and will work on your existing BT phone line. You therefore save the cost of installing and renting an additional line, as well as incurring any additional call charges.

BT Redcare Classic is ideal for all commercial risks or for high-value property owners. It is compliant with British and European Standards for single path alarm signalling up to Grade 4, which is the highest level of protection on the market today. It is also approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the independent recognised body certifying fire and security products.


Redcare GSM uses the security of a phone line with the added protection of a GSM radio back-up path. If either is interfered with by an intruder, the other continues to monitor for any further alarms and transmits them as ‘confirmed activations’ – extra confirmation that an intruder is on the premises and that the alarm isn’t false. A ‘confirmed activation’ attracts immediate response from the emergency services.

BT Redcare GSM is ideal for all commercials risks and homes needing the highest level of security. We are experienced, expert installers of Redcare GSM and we are happy to assist with any enquiries you may have about the package.


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