The fundamentals of perimeter security

Your perimeter is your first line of defence against intruders, so why do so few businesses take the logical step and invest in a more secure perimeter security system?

It’s true that perimeter security can look intimidating to employees and visitors, but it’s surprisingly cost-effective and disruption during installation can be kept to a minimum as long as you hire a premium security company who know what they’re doing.

Here, we’ll outline the fundamentals of perimeter security and in doing so, will hopefully underline just how crucial it can be as a physical barrier and how it can perfectly complement interior security solutions.

Layers of protection

Your business security solution should be thought of like an onion, with the office itself forming the centre of that onion. Any serious security plan should be made up of a number of layers, with the stronger interior security and access controls forming the inner layers and the less intense, but still powerful outer layers represented by the perimeter security. Without those layers, the inner layers would need to work harder (and expend more money) to work efficiently.

The Three D’s

There are three crucial factors that should be considered when designing any perimeter security solution.

Deterring – As your perimeter is the security layer that’s the furthest away from your office, it will act as the strongest deterrent for potential criminals. While exterior security systems, particularly CCTV cameras, might deter the less ambitious thieves, even the so-called ‘career’ criminals are likely to be put off by a perimeter security solution of security gates, lighting, warning signs, and clearly signposted surveillance.

Detecting – Securing the perimeter is not only about stopping criminals from getting in but from being able to detect them if they choose to make a move.

Surveillance cameras are an obvious benefit, but motion alarms and sensors are also incredibly powerful. For more stealthy detection, meanwhile, many modern security solution firms offer underground perimeter protection, which forms an invisible barrier using digital signal processing to pick up intruders without damaging the aesthetic appeal of your premises.

Delaying – If the criminals are especially determined then you’re going to need time between detection and the moment they breach the perimeter. Physical barriers like fencing (with barbed wire), gates, and digital barriers secured by access control panels all act as layers that will keep the criminals busy and continue to deny them access whilst you alert the authorities.

Of course, complete perimeter protection will not be suitable for all businesses. Indeed, it could be seen as overkill for a small office with a handful of staff. However, there’s no reason why you can’t pick and choose the elements of a complete solution that would work for your security situation.

Start small, perhaps, with an alarm system or a few cameras mounted on the street outside your office. It might seem like a severe measure at first, but you’ll be shocked just how much peace of mind it brings you to know that the first layer of your onion is secure.