Security Gates

Reliable, dependable access control

Security gates have long been an effective and popular way of maintaining area security, whether it be for residential or commercial premises. Installing automated gates on residential properties provides an increase in privacy and protection from theft and vandalism. For commercial premises, pedestrian and vehicle access control can be vital in maintaining security on your site, to help you keep a record of who enters and leaves.

Lee Security provides a diverse security gate installation and maintenance service which will provide everything you need to control site access to authorised individuals and visitors. We can assist with all requirements and conditions to make sure that you have the right system for you, and once your Lee Security gate system is installed, we are here to make sure that it stays in great working order with comprehensive gate servicing and maintenance.

Access control integration

Our security gate systems are ideally suited for integration with our access control systems, allowing you to see and hear your visitors remotely on arrival to help with identification and access permission. Our Audio and Video Access Control and Intercom Systems can be operated remotely, either on your site or from anywhere in the world with mobile video call options, so if you don’t have someone to man your gate, you can still maintain effective control. For more information on our Access Control systems, click here.

Gates to complement your location

Of course, we know that gates often have to complement the aesthetic style of your premises. Whether you want your gates to exude strength and control, or elegance and taste, we offer gates in a multiple of styles to make sure that your gates suit your home or business perfectly.

For further information about our Security Gate systems or any of our Access Control services,  please feel free to speak to one of our team on 0800 731 3365 or contact us online.