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How to secure street-facing businesses

Businesses are often targeted by burglars because they keep valuable stock on their premises. Unlike residential areas, thieves can be confident of finding something worth stealing when they break in. For this reason, many businesses invest in making sure their sites are secure on all sides, with fencing and security gates allowing them to easily and successfully maintain the site’s integrity. Unfortunately, this can get a little tricky when it comes to street-facing businesses, where it isn’t possible to fence off the building. In this post, we take a look at some of the things you can do to properly secure your street-facing business.

Finding balance

Many street-facing businesses are in the retail sector, and the biggest concerns about crime are more to do with shoplifting than burglary. In these difficult times for the high street, it is often considered more important to encourage people into the store, and owners may worry that a strong security presence might be off-putting to customers. Additionally, some of the more traditional security equipment may not be suitable or even allowed for certain areas. Outdoor CCTV might not be appropriate on a busy road already watched by public cameras, especially considering the legal obligations. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to install a modern CCTV system inside your business, one with capacity to record to a remote location. We’ve all seen the movies where the criminals try to steal the CCTV tapes after robbing a store – modern CCTV makes this impossible.

Challenging shoplifters

Writing for the Guardian, @anna_tims lays out the scale of the problem facing retailers on the high street:

‘High street stores lost £438m to shoplifters last year, according to the British Retail Consortium. However, while the cost of crime has risen more than threefold since 2008, spending on security dropped in 2016 as stores pared down budgets. With falling police numbers and an increase in organised crime, it’s estimated that two fifths of thefts go undetected, and store staff are under pressure to safeguard stock.’

After hours

It isn’t just during the day that your business will need protection. That’s why you should invest in an integrated security system to keep intruders out. Unless you have an area at the back of your store, you may not need elements like perimeter monitoring. However, a modern system can incorporate motion sensors and impact sensors, so you’ll know if anyone even tries to break in. A high-quality alarm placed in a visible spot will act as a useful deterrent, and Redcare remote monitoring will make sure the authorities are alerted immediately in the event of an intruder gaining access.

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