Top security tips for your flat or apartment

The vast majority of security tips circling the internet are geared towards homeowners, but there are just as many of us living in apartment buildings and many tips that might make sense to a semi-detached house in the suburbs simply wouldn’t apply to a high-rise flat in the middle of a city.

So, we’ve decided to focus on some apartment security tips that will help those of us enjoying the more cosmopolitan delights of apartment living to feel just as safe and secure as our suburban compatriots.


The internet is wealthy with valuable resources when it comes to checking out local crime statistics. Before committing to a lease with a landlord, make sure you’ve researched the area, and have developed an honest picture of the area regarding its crime history and community.


If your flat is in a generally poor condition (broken windows, cracks in the walls and water stains can be common), then it stands to reason the landlord isn’t the most attentive person in the world and probably won’t have particularly high security standards either.

Security system

It’s been reasoned that apartment owners and renters are actually more likely to experience a break-in than homeowners but in the past, renters have been dissuaded from having home security systems installed as the installation process was too intrusive. 

Modern security systems, however, are far less intrusive and far more flexible. You can even opt for a 100% wireless security solution that can be controlled by your smart device!


Just because you live on the 20th floor that doesn’t mean a particularly ambitious burglar won’t access your flat that way if given the opportunity. Lock all windows when they are  closed (install locks if you don’t have them already), and use security latches when they’re open.


Flats generally see a more regular turnaround than houses, so either change the locks or get the landlord to change the locks as soon as possible after you’ve moved in to prevent previous tenants from gaining access. Flat security isn’t just about preventing burglars, after all.


The peephole is one of the most marvellously simple inventions when it comes to home security. Never open the door without first checking who is on the other side.


Whilst your  flat is almost certainly going to be fitted with a fire or smoke alarm, you might also want to consider intruder alarms. For relatively little outlay you can purchase window and glass break alarms that respectively sound when a window is opened or broken. You could even install a door stop alarm that should scare off a burglar who might be trying their luck.

Smart devices

Modern smart devices are flexible enough that you  might not even need to invest in a full-blown security solution. You should be able to pick up a remote camera, one that can be controlled via your phone. This could almost be viewed as a ‘digital peephole’.

Know your neighbours

In any apartment building, you’re going to be physically closer to your neighbours, so you might as well be friendly with them, particularly if there are common areas in the building where you like to spend time. Knowing your neighbours also has one valuable added benefit – someone to watch out for suspicious activity when you’re not home.

A flat might contain fewer points of entry that require protection but it’s also that much easier to miss the comings and goings of people throughout the day. So, lastly, the best tip we can offer is to simply keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground!