Why winter is the best time to upgrade your home security

As the summer begins its slow fade into winter (also known as autumn) and the year winds to a close, it’s common for people to get reflective and start thinking about the changes they could make to their lives and their homes.

When it comes to positive change, upgrading your security system is an obvious one, particularly for families who value their safety and want to be able to enjoy Christmas without worrying about a reverse Santa Claus situation.

So why is winter the perfect season to give your home security system a bit of a spli and polish?

Long dark nights

As the days start to get shorter and the darkness descends, a reliable and up-to-date home security system can start to seem like a good idea, with burglaries in winter increasing by up to 20%. Our homes are more exposed in the dark, so it’s only natural that we’d want to get out ahead of it and make some improvements.

Consider switching to a motion-sensitive lighting system on your front porch and to the rear of your home too. This will illuminate and hopefully scare off any potential thieves. You could even install smart lighting to be controlled from an access panel inside the home or via your smartphone.

The deals

In the summer months when people are planning to spend more time outdoors and head out for a couple of weeks on long summer holidays, security system uptake is generally higher.


As the winter nights set in and heavy rain, snow and long bouts of extreme cold become commonplace, older alarms and CCTV cameras are bound to feel the freeze.

Of course, all homeowners with security systems in place should be regularly checking every device to make sure they are functioning at 100%, but there are more likely to be problems in the winter due to complications with the elements. Instead of getting certain parts fixed, it might be more advantageous to opt for an upgrade.

Christmas is coming

It might be the most wonderful time of the year but it’s also a period where burglars will be on the prowl, taking advantage, not only of the longer nights – but of the fact that families might be away over the holiday season or that there might be more goodies around for them to steal.

Yes, it’s a horrible thought, but there are burglars who go after children’s Christmas toys and they are not quite as affable as The Grinch. Indeed, there will be an average of £822 extra of presents in UK homes in December and they can be tempting for smash and grab thieves.

When upgrading, make sure to also secure any outbuildings, as these are typically where presents are hidden in the run-up to the big day.

Burglar-proofing your home is something that should be of particular importance at this time of year, so you should, of course, ensure that your valuables are put away in a safe, that all locks and windows are secure, and that we don’t leave spare sets of keys lying around outside! It also helps to be friendly with the neighbours, particularly if you’re planning on going away.

If you want to go the extra mile though, consider upgrading your security system to something a little smarter, louder and more noticeable and you should be able to enjoy the season without worry.