Securing your home

Your home’s weak point

When you’ve lived at a property for a number of years, it becomes more than just a building – it is your home. You know every nook and cranny of the place, which taps don’t tighten properly, the secret method to closing the shed door and how to replace the bathroom light bulb. As homeowners, we develop an emotional attachment to the place. However, this can also make us lose objectivity – it becomes more difficult to see our home as an intruder might see it. For one thing, many homeowners don’t realise where their home’s weak spot is. And this leaves them vulnerable to thieves.

Crimes of opportunity

Contrary to popular belief, most burglars don’t spend weeks ‘casing’ a house in advance of breaking in. A burglar might surveil a neighbourhood, but they’re looking for specific markers, signs that a house is vulnerable or unoccupied. Speaking to @independent, ex-burglar Michael Fraser explains:

“People’s homes are worse protected now than ever before. People don’t think anyone will break into their home, and burglary isn’t thought of as a serious crime, but…there are always new opportunists. An opportunist will always walk along a street looking for telltale signs that you’re careless. Window locks will make the opportunist head straight next door. People tend not to have their alarms serviced. When they are serviced, the box on the outside of your house is cleaned, and a burglar will notice if it is dirty.”

Your home’s weak point may not be a point of entry – it may be a lackadaisical approach to maintenance that highlights your home as a target. If you have gates, lock them. If you have window locks, make sure you actually turn the key. You might think it’s okay to overlook these things from time to time, but a burglar won’t.

Security review

It’s a good idea to take a step back and really study your home. You think you know it well – but how would a burglar try to break in? Do you have a flat roof that someone could use to gain access to an upper floor window? How old is your front door? These are the types of questions you need to ask in order to properly secure your home. The more valuable a burglar thinks your home might be, the harder they will try to break in and the more secure your home needs to be.

Your best bet when it comes to securing a weak spot in your home is to install an integrated security system. Alongside a high quality alarm – which is an obvious deterrent – there are other additions you can make such as CCTV cameras. If you make the effort to visibly secure your home that may be enough to put off any thieves. For one thing, if you have CCTV cameras pointed at the street you are legally obliged to put up a notice, another sign to a would-be intruder that your house isn’t worth messing with.

If you’re concerned about your home’s potential weak spots, don’t wait for a burglar to find them first. Take a look around our site, or get in touch with a member of our team today.